Friday, October 05, 2007

Italian Stallions & Sugar Daddies

I have the hots for Italian Guido types. Have I ever gone down that road? No. Am I allowed to use a pejorative term like Guido when I am middle class and not Italian? Probably not. But I think racism towards a white person is a little more forgivable so please let me get on with being really objectifying...

Those big, muscular, dumb as a board types...make me melt. What is weird is the ghetto black man, pretty much the same in every way, doesn't appeal to me. But those Italian stereotype guys. UH! God they make me horny!

I have been looking at Craigslist again, but it's just for fun. I'm not going to have any one night stands with strangers. But OH BOY! There is this man on Craigslist, he is requesting a no strings attached hook up! He is just there, asking for sex! Its not like he is on the plane, and I would have to flirt with him and try to show I was interested and wait for him to invite me out, no- he is there- easy to get- requesting sex!

Isn't this like having cookies or potato chips in the house? You know they aren't good for you, but you have them anyway, because they are there and they are SO GOOD!

Maybe I should contact him. He is a sexy young buck. I should have more memories of sexy young bucks in my head, for when I get older. Who knows.

Speaking of age differences, I have an older man fantasy that I am planning to follow through with if given a good opportunity. The fantasy involves being young and pretty, and being with an older, but powerful and dominant man. I want to follow through with it because I can only do it when I am young. When I am an older woman with an older man it will be a different dynamic, so I know my time is limited.

Funny thing is, I may have met someone to have this fantasy with. This cute little asian man, probably in his late 50's chatted with me during the flight and late in the flight said "I am very taken by you" and invited me to coffee.

We exchanged e-mail addresses and I can't believe I am saying this, but I was genuinely attracted to him! It was his smile, his confidence (An old-ass man like that thinking he has a chance with a woman half his age???) and his approach were all appealing to me. He seemed like a shy boy as he asked me, and it made me feel special to hear "I find myself taken by you."

Now heres the thing...if you are going to go into that murky territory...older man, younger woman better have a plan. I think it is a natural move for an older man to want to give material things to compensate for his age, and I think it's a natural move for a...well...human being, to want to get material things. But if you don't have a set of standards, you are at risk of becoming basically a prostitute, let's face it. I am not saying I am opposed to prostitution in all cases, I just personally don't want to be one.

For one there has to be genuine attraction and enjoyment of eachothers company. If you think he is fat and gross, or hate his jokes, but pretend to like them because he gives you stuff, that is exchanging sex for money.

I think gifts & cash are inappropriate, but things like fancy dinners, or activities are appropriate, because they are shared experiences. Gifts like lingere count as a shared experience too, because both people get to enjoy them. I guess jewelry counts too. Ha ha. Just kidding.

Another important boundary is that the power dynamic must be equal. If the woman (or should I say less financially endowed person) has opinions, preferences, limits, these must be respected as in any relationship. And lastly, as always, dating a married person is never, ever, in any circumstances, okay.

This man was on his way to a Catholic retreat, so any kinky ideas I have may be compeletly in my head, never to happen. But that is okay. I was touched by the way he approached me and if I instead have coffee with a smiling man who says I have "something about me" that is pretty cool too. (And a little less taboo)

Hey- don't judge me!- It's not like I invite Italian strangers to my house for adult activities! Even though I want to.

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