Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I feel popular!

Guess what???

I am number 3 on the myspace friend's list for last week's music festival! I think this has to do with the wife of the co-organizer. I suppose as the roommate and buddy of the creator of the festival, it makes some sense now. (But Juan's myspace is way on the bottom, it should be number 1! [I sent a subtle hint about that to them])

I have a coffee date with a music management company owner next week, and he is taking on new bands, there was one I love in particular (a few, really) so maybe I can bring them together! Thing is, this guy is coming on VERY strong, so I am a little concerned that he might be annoying. I really dont want to hurt his feelings, & I am not ready for a boyfriend right now, and if I was- the hard sell never works on me. I'm too easily spooked. I just hope he will be okay with being friends, becuase it would be so cool to have another person to go to concerts with.

Well I need to go to bed now. I have been staying up SOOO late lately (but it's been so fun!) Juan is just what I needed in my life, he's like a husband & a gay boyfriend & a life coach all wrapped into one. I am leading a blessed life.

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