Monday, October 15, 2007

$6 drunk

You know whats great about being on antidepressants? I'm a cheap drunk. 3 glasses of wine and I am pretty tipsy!

I just went out with one of the 90210 girls! I will call her Jenn. She was very normal and nice, as was her friend Hallie.

I also got a text from Kelsey, I waited a day or two to respond, and she didn't respond back, but at least I wasnt blown off, like I thought, from either girl.

Here's the one thing, I have terrible acne on my chin. It's a combo of bad food habits and bad skin-care habits, as it gets grey out I am getting LAZY!

I am hardly typing well.

Here is the message I got from Ashram today:

Thank you for sending this mail. Sorry,i had not seen this mail earlier than today or else i would not have texed you the message. Thanks again for calling me "Selfish". I tried my best and humble way to treat you but either as said it might be my communication or your thinking that is not working. There are many reasons to fight and disagree upon as you are right now but therehas to be many more ways to be cordial and bring happiness. You told me that i hurted you three times right!!!(Unintentionally!!)

* When you told bad about people who work in the mall, I haven't taken any offence.
[I told him I think it's bad business practice to accost people in the mall, trying to put lotion on their hands]
* When i went back to india due to my grandma's demise, you had never been there,I haven't taken any offence. [First I heard of this]
* You are saying "selfish", I haven't taken any offense.
[I don't remember saying "selfish" maybe it was some other girl who hates him]
* Non-Agreement on any thing, I haven't taken any offense.
[Read: Not aggreeing with everything I say, & speaking up]
* Hanging phone on my face not once but twice, I haven't taken any offense.
[Only once, on a day he wouldn't let me go when I clearly told him I wanted to...he has hung up on me twice]

I am happy with the way i treat every single person unless what they are interpreting? I like my friends irrespective of their status, nature, attitude or anything in good or bad thats why i believe they care for me(Either at my grandma's funeral or my brothers wedding). I never choose people for my benefit in the name of any relationship or friendship.

Thanks and Best of Luck,
May God bless you with all the happiness and fulfill all your dreams.

"Friendship is about letting other friend express themselves and help them in being good not about leaving the hand in time of need"

[Big loss- lunatic!]

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