Sunday, October 14, 2007

I got some tounge action today

Gosh! I don't post anymore, and when I do, I just dont give the rediculous detail that I used to. What's the deal with that? There are bigger things for me to be worried about, but I still wish I was writing more about my silly life, it's so fun to read about it later on and say "no way was that my life!"

Today Juan took me to a babtism party, wow, come to think of it, it was his neice. Well remember, Juan is Mexican, so this party was middle class Mexicans, and Mexicans speak...Spanish.

Yup, I spent hours at a party listening to people speaking Spanish. This is what it sounded like to me "weekend"..."then"..."yes"..."D.F."..."grandfather" and so on, and so on. I was impressed with the amount I could understand, but it wasn't enough for me to enjoy myself.

Right away when we arrived I met the Argentine sister of a man I met at a networking party the other night (where everyone spoke english except the nervous white guy trying to impress everyone with his Spanish.) She seemed to not like me, but she was speaking in english (as a courtesy to me) and she was discussing the fact that she has Lupus. She left early and I wonder if she just has a hard time of things in general, and that it wasn't personal.

After speaking with Juan and the Argentine woman for awhile I was so cold that I decided to go buy a sweater. Yes, I realize this is weird, but in the middle of October I didn't know we would be having the party OUTDOORS! I returned back with an adorable white cable knit sweater that I got for $6 at Saver's and Juan brought me to the food, he told me I should start with Menudo, a soup, to warm up.

The lovely mother of the babtised child started dishing up the soup for me, and instead of giving me lots of broth, she gave me lots of meat, I could tell from where I was standing, I did not want this meat...I looked closely at the heavy bowl and saw sticking out of the broth BONE MARROW AND TOUNGE!!!

I was very mad at Juan at this point. He knew from a trip to a taco store that I am not brave enough to eat tounge. He could have warned me, so I could just take some broth. But he didn't, so here I was, with this bowl FILLED with tounge, about to look extremely rude.

I sipped the broth, which tasted awful by the way, LIKE TOUNGE, and tried to wash away the taste with chips, lime, onions and cilantro. After 10 minutes I whispered in Juan's ear that he had to trade soups with me so I didn't look rude. He did eventually, but his cousin saw it. I had some chicken tacos afterward which were good.

I listened to more Spanish conversation, and watched 6 kids jumping and roughhousing on a trampoline with 4 springs gone. I cringed as I imagined all of the potential spinal damage that could happen to those children, but I also cringed at the fact that these children are active, and have fun, where my children will be under my anxious thumb, always worrying about them getting hurt.

The kids were very cute. There was one game where the adults threw quarters in the air, and the kids all chased after them. One boy hurt his hand and was crying, and a little boy gave him his quarter. I was watching them, thinking, "what a group of nice kids" and then an older kid started chasing after a younger one, trying to get his money. Oh well, what a group of MOSTLY nice kids.

Later the pinata was put on a string. And the kids got in a circle around it, while an uncle waved it above one child's head, who tryed to hit it with a stick. The group chanted a cute little song that everyone knew, and when the song was over, someone else took a turn. I asked what the chant meant, and a woman said "hit the pinata or we will hit you in the head" I looked online for the chant, and didn't find that, so I will have to double check with Juan.

I got too impatient to wait for the cake. It was 8 at night and we were STILL outside! I left and Juan walked me to the car. He said people probably didn't realize I don't speak spanish. I was just happy to leave. It wasn't torture, but I really didn't have any fun. I felt excluded.

I spent a few hours at Target, TJMaxx, Famous Footwear and Kohl's. I got a sweater jacket for only $22, I was so excited, and though I found some knee high boots for $22, I decided man-made might look cheap, and it's easy to look cheap in knee high boots, so I decided to pass until I find a better pair.

I got home and wrote an e-mail to the 60 year old. You know what's embarrassing? Stupidly, I have this crush on him. But I am obviously forgetting that we would look WEIRD together, and his penis is probably tiny (he is a short Chinese man) and probably stopped working 15 years ago! Not to mention, I would get frustrated by his old person habits, and he would find me immature. He just had a nice smile, and seemed/seems so smitten. I guess thats what I want, someone responsible & mature, with a nice smile, who is smitten with me...AND has a LARGE, HARD penis. And after all of this, once again, can I remind you Diana, YOU WOULD LOOK REALLY WEIRD TOGETHER!

Now it's nearly one and I'm not tired at all. I had 2 cups of coffee at the party, because it was OUTDOORS IN OCTOBER! So now what? I dont know. I certianly am not going to clean.

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