Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today a man put my leg on his shoulder and spread my legs apart with his hands

I just joined a new Gym. They ran a special where I can be a member for 18 months for only 19 dollars a month. I even got a free training session!

I went to the session today and met Derek. He is or was a professional body builder. He showed me a book of his, and on his business card is the STUPIDEST picture of him with way too big muscles and a, get this...CHAINMAIL shirt HA HA AH AH

But I don't want to laugh at him. He was a very nice person, despite his weird body. I am glad that he was assigned to me, and I expect I will develop a healthy little crush- good for motivation.

First thing we chatted, and then it was time to stretch. He had me lay down on the mat, and then next thing I knew he was kneeling on one of my legs and stretching my other leg over my head! I wasn't uncomfortable or skeeved out, maybe I should have been, because next thing he's doing is pushing my bent top leg into my chest! You'd think that would have been it, but next thing he is holding one of my legs above my knee, while one leg was bent, and pushing them apart! He also told me that in the stretching department, this was "wading in the water" oh my!

He talked me into buying two sessions (for which he will give me 4 sessions.) this was fine with me because it was something I did want. I thought this first session would be a full orientation, so I would have been mad if I didn't have the money, or if I didn't want the sessions, but since I did, I am secretly glad he was a little pushy, because it feels really good to do something for myself.

The session went really well. I walked out of the place with wobbly legs. He told me he could tell that I used to train, and that I was good at communicating :) I felt very motivated, and also respected, which is a rare feeling with trainers. I sort of feel hopeful, if he stays as motivating through all of the sessions, and if the Gym stays as comfortable feeling as it has so far, this may become a home away from home the way the gym used to feel for me.

The possibility of me getting back into weight training is very good in two ways. One, very obviously, it will help me deal with stress, fighting my anxiety and depression. But two, it is a good sign. If I am getting back into weight training I am getting back into something that was once important to me, that is a sign of lifted depression!

I swear the reason I am excited is NOT because he got on top of me and spread my legs apart!


kristinaQ said...

sure sure, it's not that at all, eh? lol jk.

I need to join the gym =|

Diana Crabtree said...

Did I mention he was a chippendale's dancer too?