Friday, December 29, 2006

Damn Timing!

Uh! Now that it's a day before work my temp is not just a low fever, of 99 like early this evening, but no fever at all! A measely 98.6!

So whats this? I get a shitty week off and now I have to go to work having accomplished nothing on my days off, not even enjoyment!

The upside I guess is I can start working out again. I decided not to go in for my 15 easy minutes today, I had such a hard time with it yesterday, and I figure the 90 calories I would burn would not be worth extending my cold out longer.

My energy has been up. I was dancing around the house a little to my Eiffel 85 CD (remember that song "Blue"?) Doing dishes and a little bit of tidying in my room.

Oh well, work (and working out) will be a welcome relief to the boredom I have felt in the last few days. It's funny, I never feel as motivated to clean when I am healthy enough to get up and do it! Hee hee.

Oh boy, better go pack now :P


Dream Writer said...

I never have the energy to clean, but when I do LOOK OUT!! ha ha!

I love to dance around the is great exercise.

Good for you!

Diana Crabtree said...

Next time you feel that burst of energy, please come over :)

Lavender said...

I have that CD somewhere- I love that song. Cleaning is evil.