Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My dad's side is crazy, my mom's side is crazy amazing

Christmas Eve was at my grandparents’ from my dad’s side of the family. It is redily apparent to me that my Grandparents are getting OLLLLLLD. Grandpa will ask a question and then not listen to your answer, and will ask the same question three times. Grandma is getting old, but she is still pretty sharp. Sharp enough that in her 80’s she cooked the entire Christmas dinner!
The dinner was nothing fancy, but it was delicious. Ham, sweet potatoes, twice baked potatoes (Fat!) and asparagus with hollandaise. I was hoping to be moderate in my eating, like I did successfully on Thanksgiving, but I ate a ton, and got a minor stomach ache.

At dessert the brownies were brought up from the basement. We didn’t have our traditional birthday cake for Jesus this year. Grandma stated that she wished she didn’t frost the brownies because they were hard to cut, and Grandpa spent what seemed like ten minutes cutting them. When he was finished cutting them we ate them while Grandma was M.I.A. Grandpa was telling us that whenever Grandma ate a hearty meal she would have to go to the bathroom. Since Grandpa forgets that he has already said something, he brought it up quite a few times. Whenever someone was missing from the group it would be announce “They’re in the potty” (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a syndrome related to Anxiety Disorder, runs in the family, I suppose I should count myself lucky for only inheriting the Anxiety)

After dinner we opened the presents. My uncle, married to my dad’s sister, got a model train that you have to assemble. We passed some of the gifts around and there grandpa was, assembling the train for him. That got quite a laugh. Later my aunt opened a package with a comfortable looking nightgown in it. Grandma said “that nightgown is for both of you to enjoy because he gets to see you in it.” That made me laugh inside.

It is never appropriate to not be grateful of the gifts you receive, a gift is a gift. My aunt usually gives me a ten dollar gift card to target, which I always enjoy. This year she spent more on me, but she got me a book called “Why Paint Cats, the ethical implications of painting Cats” It was a cute and funny book, but as with most of the presents I got Christmas eve, it was all stuff I wanted out of my house immediately. I am on a quest in my life to lighten my load of material belongings, and these things would not help. Fortunately, at my aunt’s house on Christmas day, we play the “White Elephant Dice Game” so I wrapped up the gifts and added them to the mix. I was so pleased I did that. A little purse that I received was appreciated by someone, and the “Why Paint Cats” book got passed around quite a bit, and a “Red Hat Club” type aunt kept it, saying it would make a cute bathroom book. That pleased me to no end.

I had a wonderful time with my family. I spent part of the night bonding with my 5 year old cousin, who more than once said “Your not really a grown-up, you’re a kid.” I laughed at that to her mother, who suggested it is because I am her cousin, that is why she cant see me as a grown up. I liked that hypothesis. I pointed to our younger cousin and said “She isn’t a grown up either, right?” and my 5 year old cousin said “Yeah, she’s a grown up.” I am a responsible person, and I am always thinking about and analyzing grown-up things, so I suppose I will take it as a compliment. Children are able to see things that grown-ups cant, so if I am childlike, not childish, I will appreciate being unique in that way.

The best part of this family is the music. Not everyone’s family brings out a guitar and has a sing along. My 15 year old cousin is developing this amazing voice, it has a Natalie Merchant quality to it, but still very unique.

The music continued into the next day, at a Sushi party. I videotaped a lot of songs, which I think will be valuable in the future, I wish so much I had a recording of my mom singing. I was physically there for the party, but my brain was out of it. I have developed a chest cold, which now has a 101 degree fever. I am going to bed now, with a sore throat and a prayer that I will actually get some sleep tonight.
I hope everyone’s holiday was good!

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mhh sounds like a nice christmas to me.