Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You CANT make this shit up!

This is the story of the first man I encountered on an online personals site. My experience with him shot down my confidence, and pretty much threw me into the arms of Marshmallow Cock.

After I sent (we will call him "Mike") the message saying "I guess we arent compatible in our preferences" he responded with an e-mail saying "It's good to match in as many ways as possible." Jerk off.

Well guess who was on my airplane! Hell yeah! I recognized his face, but there was no name on my manifest for his seat. I was taking a Buddhist book out of my bag and a passenger asked what book I was reading. I told him and he said "My colleague back there lives in a Buddhist house, you should ask him about it." I asked what his name was, he said "Mike" and I thought "Hell yeah! It is him, I am going to have a reason to talk to him, and he is going to learn he shouldn't have been so shallow."

I went to his seat, held out my hand and said (In a sexy confident low voice) "Hi. I'm Diana, we met on the personals site" Boy did he LOVE me! Right away, maybe 1 minute into us talking he invited me to a concert with him and his friends. 1 minute and thirty seconds into us talking he gave me his number and suggested we have coffee. All of a sudden my "ample" body was deemed acceptable to his lofty standards.
As he left the plane he said "Call me ok?" DICK!

The worst part of it is, I would have liked him too. Had he not excluded me by the name of my body type, and gotten to know me, we could have had a match. DICK!

For awhile, I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to e-mail him, explaining that I do not want to persue a friendship because my feelings were hurt from his snub. I thought this would be a kind thing to do because if I simply didn't call his feelings might be hurt, and I would prefer to take the high road and not do to him what he did to me. But then I went to the personals site to show my roommate a picture of him. He changed the paramaters of his profile to ONLY SAY slim/petite! He EXCLUDED "Average" and "Athletic"!!! Folks, this guy is NOT the one to exclude "Average" body types! He aint that great looking! I would say he is attractive, but to an average level at most! My roommate wouldn't even give him that much credit!

So I have decided just to blow him off. I certainly hope he figures out why, if he doesn't, oh well! Maybe the "right" thing to do would be to explain, but to not call is the socially sanctioned way to say you aren't interested, so I will just stick with that and hope he is "enlightened" enough to figure it out.

But you got to admit...that is a PRETTY CRAZY coincidence. Not just that he was on the plane, but that I recognized him, and that his colleague told me to go talk to him! CRAZY!

mood: not bad! SO HAPPY about the poetic justice!

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