Friday, January 27, 2006

The Kenyan Prince

It has been one week and one day since I met him. I was dancing on the dance floor at a reggae concert when a man stood in front of me and started dancing with me. He was 5'11' solidly built, with glasses and a chin that jutted out slightly.

I smiled and politely danced with him, he was far from ugly, but he didn't look like a model like the man in the corner with the tight grey shirt and short dreadlocks, what did I care anyway? Rafael might show up tonight. He was wearing a beautiful decorative tunic, I asked him where he got it, he said Kenya.

He had a very warm, gentle smile, with a dimple on his left cheek. We started synchronising our dance moves, and we would look at each other and laugh when one of us or the other wasn't able to match up. I enjoyed being around him, and thought he would be a good person to stay close to, so I could avoid the pushy people I often run into at this club. We chatted and I gave him my number without the tinyest bit of worry that I might be making a mistake.

I wanted to go downstairs, where they play more upbeat, dancehall style music. It was so dark down there that all you could see was flashes of gyrating bodies, moving to the music that you could feel vibrating through your feet as clearly as you can hear. The sexy atmosphere and music, mixed with my enjoyment of this pleasant man allowed me to let out the sexy moves I rock in my living room. He of course began the "penis-on-butt" move, annoying me as much because it interfered with my moves as because it was so ungraceful. I kept enough distance to keep me comfortable, and backed away when he tried to kiss me. I felt nothing, in a sexy den of iniquity while dancing suggestively. I knew I just wasn't attracted to him. He tried to kiss me on the stairs on the way up, I said "I am really sorry, I just don't feel attracted to you. It's not like something is wrong with you, you are GREAT, I just don't feel it." He was unbelievably nice about it. I asked if he preferred I dance differently, he said he understood it was dancing.

He called me the next day, I rolled my eyes, but when I heard him speak on the message I smiled. I decided, just to be polite, to call him back, and I chatted with him a bit, a huge smile on my face the whole time. I knew right there that I was more attracted to Rafael, and that I would have to be very careful not to tease or lead on the prince, because he was such a terrific person. On the phone I promised (why?!) that I would call him when I got to El Paso.

The next day I stretched out in the hot tub outdoors at the hotel. First thing I called Rafael, left a nervous bubbly message, and waited for him to call back. I started to call the prince but hung up, I was feeling disappointed to not hear from Rafael. The prince called "did you just call me?" I stumbled over my words, not having an explaination, I just admitted I suddenly didn't feel like talking and then got on with the conversation.

I told him I was in the hot tub and he said he wanted us to make plans to go in a hot tub. I said "absolutely not, I really don't want to lead you on" He said to stop worrying about that, he thinks I am fun and it's okay if we are friends. We chatted and I said I would see him on thursday (we had plans to meet at the same club) I spent the rest of the trip in agony waiting for Rafeal to call, then in fumes when he did- at 11PM.

I called the prince on the way home, to be polite of course. And somehow I ended up making plans to go to the gym with him on Wed (since he was so excited about the hot tub) even though I was going to see him on thursday (my idea BTW.)

My ethnocentric and sexist mind kept wanting to underestimate him, and he continually proved me rediculous for it. He even had the ability to point out some peculiar or ignorant "American" thinking of mine, with humor, not at all shaming me. He is smart as can be, very good natured, just a prince. After he dropped me off I gave him a peck on the lips. He thanked me, tee hee, and didn't push it any farther.

I am afraid I can't write all of the considerate, thoughtful, bright, wonderful things he has said and done this last week. I don't have time. Last week I had decided I could "put up with" dancing with him, while waiting for Rafael to show up to the club. I am so glad I have developed into such a polite person!

Oh, and my uncooperative vagina. I think it might be on board. We re-lived the scene in the club basement yesterday and I realized he is not a the best kisser, and his "penis-on-butt" dance was just annoying, thats why I felt nothing the night before. I think I feel something, because I am very eager to get the 3 dates out of the way so we can get in bed. I also had a sexual fantasy about him that warmed me more than I can remember feeling for years. I can imagine making love with this man, the only thing I have experience with is fucking.

Oh, and unlike Rafeal, the one who used a double negative...The prince is working on a PhD in english. HOT. And he says in my ear "you are so smart."

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OH OH! And...He danced sexy with me and OBVIOUSLY lusts after me, yet still treated me like a complete lady...I am yet to get that from a "Modern" American man.

OH! OH! I told him that tonight I wanted to get laundry done when he asked what I was doing, obviously interested in getting together. Instead of mocking me or guilt tripping me for it, he said "okay."

OH! OH! P.S. I think I have a crush on him

OH! OH! And he was raised in a mud hut as one of 9 children in a village in Kenya in a cattle farming family, yet he is open minded about the morality of homosexuality! (I was not expecting that!)

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