Wednesday, January 25, 2006

He Called

Oh how I waited for that call. Oh the agony. I even started writing a song. I got the call, in fact I got two calls. Then the REAL agony begun.

The first one showed up on my phone during a flight, so I got it afterward, and I was on top of the moon. He said he has been having problems with Nextel getting his messages late, I believe him.

And then, I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed a voicemail on my phone...from him! Oh why oh why did I have my ringer off, I was DYING to talk to him that night, and he actually called. In the morning I checked the message...He had called at 11 PM. Maybe that could be considered a first offense to many people, but with him, it was a second offense. The first time he called me was at 1 AM. It gets worse. My phone hadn't been charged yet so I gave him roomie Tera's number to call, and told him it was hers. He called a woman's roommate that he is supposed to be tryint to impress, at 1 AM.

When I found out he called at that time I didn't even want to call him at all. That is rude beyond rude. But I did, and first thing said "Why on earth did you call at 1 AM?- thats booty call time for the love of god!" he apologized and we went on with our conversation. But then he did it again...not only did he do it again, here's what he said in the message..."Sorry I called at booty call time, this is just the time that I'm up" this is the time that I'm up, forget the time that I am up! I let this stew in me for half the day, called all of my girlfriends, (none who got back to me on time- oh well) and by the middle of the day I was STEAMED!

I thought about it, and decided to be as sober and sophisticated about it as possible. After saying hi I said "Look, it's very important that the people I allow in my life treat me with respect, so stop calling me late at night!" He said "did you need to get up early this morning?" I said yes, but thats exactly the point, people may have to get up early, so you dont call them after 10 (or even 9.) He said "Sorry, I didn't know" Huh. Heres the funny part, I said "so what are you doing?" he said "well I am getting ready for work, so" I said "do you want me to let you go?" he said, without skipping a beat "yes."

I don't know if I will be hearing from him again, and frankly I don't know if I want to. To much negativity right at the beginning, when you are supposed to be all swoony. An there is another reason, in one of our conversations he used a double negative. It doesn't seem so bad when you REALLY want to sleep with someone, but come on, a double negative?

I am pretty lucky, but it feels unlucky to me, to have a good platonic friend, who I want a relationship similar to, and the Kenyan prince, who I guess is platonic, but who I have such a crush on, so I wish my damn vagina would have a crush on him too. Having those two in my life make Rafael seem not so great, even though I REALLY want to sleep with him. It's just another month of not having sex...UH!

mood: ok. STILL have a cold- I am sick and tired of it!

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