Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cooperate with me Vagina!

I am begging of you vagina, like this man! He is soon to be a PhD, I smile instantly when I speak to him, and he is very kind and respectful.

He kissed me when we were dancing in the dancehall room. The room was so dark and sexy, so primal, the music so sensuasly rhythmic, but the vagina...not cooperative.

A big part of this could be, I am just sick of being the sex object! Its fun to kiss random strangers in a bar, but it's not fun to realize that even if you have dozens of men, you still have no-one who cares about your mind. Maybe in that context, I felt like an object again, and my body shut down saying "nope- not going to be involved in hurting your feelings more Diana."

Maybe it could be fear after my relationship with Hasseem. For about 8 months I was involved with a Pakistani M.D. doing post graduate work at my school. The way we met was unfortunate, he was my roommate, and our relationship ended up as me being a temporary wife of sorts, doing all of my wifely duties, including showering him with the deepest of admiration, but receiving none of the wifely benefits of additional economic security or household decision making power.

***********************************************As I was writing this my phone rang, it was the Kenyan prince saying he is close by. I said "I will wait for you outside" and he said "no, if you wait outside you might get chilly, I prefer you wait to come out until I get there" -woah!

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