Saturday, August 13, 2005


One of Earl's friends was supposed to swap trips with me and never submitted the paperwork. Sure, thats $100 more dollars in my pocket, but I was hoping to get a lot of cleaning and biking in this week and now I have 4 days where I will be completely gone.

When I get back I will have 3 days to get the whole house ready. I am really quite miffed about this.

I have tons of vegetables and fruit to eat, those will go bad if I don't eat them. The house is NOT in good shape. GRRRRRRRR. My clothes arent clean. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. GRRRR.

I had a nice post to write about today, I went to my good friend Jane's Baby shower (she loved the card I made by the way) and my neighbor drove me out there! I have alot to write about things I learned but I just dont have the time right now. GRRR! I should have submitted it! UH! But I needed her f-ing signature. UH!

mood: REALLY disappointed!


Radin said...

So we have to wait for it all to come soon, GRRRRR. Please find the time soon.

Satan said...

GRRRRRRRR... vegetables and fruit. Whatever happended to good old fashioned, highly nutritious sump oil and asbestos?