Sunday, August 28, 2005

I thought this shit was over

Dear Professional Standards and Fligt Operations Management,

About 2 months ago on the morning of XX/XX the van was to leave at 8:OOAM. I arrived at the lobby to watch the van drive away. I ran outside hoping I could flag it down, but it left. I went back in the building, still in shock, and checked my was 8:02. I checked with the woman at the counter, my watch was right. I had been left at the hotel, my crew did not tell the driver a crew member was missing, they did not call my room.

I assumed the best. I assumed they had made a mistake. I felt that I should take accountability for my one minute tardiness, even though a delayed flight did not fit the crime of being one minute late.

That day I chatted with a pilot in the crew lounge, it turns out he was in the van. Not only did they not mention I was not there, they knew I was not there, one of them had said "it's not the first time." I was having a bad week. I arrived to 2 of my flights at the last minute, not early, with plenty of time as is preferred. The captian did not approach me about this issue. Instead of directly telling me to please arrive earlier than the last minute they decided to indirectly "tell me" by leaving me at the hotel.

What makes this worse than having bad communication skills is I could have been hurt. We were at the hotel in Detroit, not a great neighborhood, and they knew (since I invited them) I was going to the Big Boy resturaunt the night prior, so had I been hurt on the way there or back was completely ignored as well.

The next trip, when I flew with them again, the captain approached me with what amounted to "I am sorry that I had to leave you at the hotel" while the apoligetic sentiment was nice, he still felt completely justified that he left without calling my room.

I considered calling professional standards (I didnt want to call flight operations, even though the captain didn't care about getting me in trouble, I didn't want revenge, I just wanted them to stop thinking its justified to leave crew members without first checking that they are okay) I decided to just let it go, I didnt want a reputation as a complainer. I didn't want any ill will, I just wanted to forget it happened.

Tonight I said, very kindly to the F/O, that I knew it wasnt his fault, but call if I am a minute late call my room, dont leave me. He, just like the captian, defended what they did.

It is apparent to me that they both still believe it is okay to leave a crewmember without checking first. I have asked many people, all agreed but a few who said they had left crewmembers before, but the difference in those cases is they had called first.

Dear professional standards and flight operations, is this something I should persue? Should I tell you their names?

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Satan said...

Well, I would make a comment on this blog but you might leave my comments hanging. Not even a call.

*Looks at post below*



Henry said...

Total Assholes!! If you are a crew, they should certainly be looking out for you and calling you if you are a minute or two late.

You should definitely name names! They have whisleblower laws to protect you too.

The world is too full of shit bags like that!

Satan said...


Watch your language Henry, their MY assholes and they're just doing their job.

Radin said...

Nothing irritates me more than indirect talks like that. You are right to feel bad about it.

Diana Crabtree said...

The thing that is most frightning about the devil is not his red skin or his pointy horns, but his many, many assholes.

Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks Henry, I appreciate you reminding me of my rights.

I am not afraid of getting in trouble, I would be in LESS trouble if I did report it to professional standards (their peers) or Flight operations (their bosses) I just resisted for political reasons, I dont want to get someone in trouble, even though this asshole captian didnt care if I did.