Thursday, June 02, 2005


I started my day with a dentist appointment. I thought all that would happen was a cleaning and a repair of a chip, but she found a cavity so I got to start my day with novicane, drills and a big shot.

Oh and speaking of big shots, after the dentist I hung out at the museum with a pilot buddy, who I adore, and his perfect girlfriend. She was beautiful, smart, loaded, and has a great career, and worst of all, she was very cool. I couldn't even secretly hate her. She treats my friend really good too so I can't wish they would break up. Just what I need, to spend time with another happy couple.

After the museum and a very cute middle eastern resturaunt my sister Linda picked me up for a surprise date. It turned out to be a fund-raiser for her work (she is a social worker) which was mostly a community theater play. It wasn't so bad, I didn't have to socialize much, and she wanted to leave after the play.

I survived the day, but am feeling more and more the need to increase my medication. I am so glad I have an appointment coming up, because I feel no enthusiasm. I know I love the museum but it feels like a hassle. I know I love my job but it feels like an interruption. I know I love my friends but communicating feels like such a challenge. (Today alone I must have grasped for words a dozen of them was while looking at a checker board, and trying to come up with "checker board"...get me

Emma is out of town all week, which is so exciting to me, I am (was) going to enjoy the uninterrupted alone time. But tomorrow, in the middle of my fucking solitude, the fucking landlord is coming to exchange screens for the storm windows (this couldn't have happened, hmmm, when spring started?) This means I have to change out of my pyjamas and brush my hair, not to mention make the house look like a person lives here not a tasmanian devil (I have had so much fun just taking off my jacket and throwing it on a couch...and emptying my purse onto the table and leaving the stuff there.)

So welcome to my life...It is more wonderful than I ever imagined my life being, and I don't even feel it.

mood: like someone who needs to increase her medication


Satan said...

I'm sorry your down. I on the other hand am BEAUTIFUL.

Diana Crabtree said...

Yay! Whats the good news?

Or are you just reminding me that you were the most beautiful angel in heaven?

Diana Crabtree said...

Satan- Is the film "Me Myself I" with Rachel Griffiths Australian? It is a favorite. The only others I can think of are Muriel's Wedding and Pricilla. (wow! all "chick flicks" LOL)

Satan said...

It's a French/Australian co-production with American money ; )

In other words, yes.

Try 'Proof' or the 'Sum of Us', other good Aussie films. Still a little chick-flicky.

Diana Crabtree said...

I will rent them as soon as I get home (If blockbuster has them anyway)