Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Love of my Life

I now have the love of my life!

The love of my life is Hot!

The love of my life is hot and steamy!

The love of my life is strong.

The love of my life is powerful.

The love of my life is rich.

The love of my life makes mee feel alive, really energized.

The love of my life is Italian!

The love of my life tastes great (tee hee)

The love of my life is pretty cheap, and has been used before, but is still valueable to me.

Meet the new love of my life:
Mel :)

Mood: Buzzed :)


Atomic Bombshell said...


OG said...

this is what u got me all worked up for?
may ur love last for a lifetime my dear. but if u get tired, id be happy to take mel off ur hands. =)

Satan said...

Mel!!!!! Is that where you got to. You lying Harpy. You told me you were going to help feed starving children in Africa. I just feel so betrayed. If you didn't want me seeing you anymore you could have just told me. It's not like I haven't moved on myself you know.

Oh, I know what you're thinking, 'Those domes are plastic'. But I can assure you they're 100% real.

So you can take your new little life and go blow steam out your nozzle.

Diana Crabtree said...

YOU BASTARD! Maybe if you were around a little more, not "working" or whatever you call it, I would be here, at the computer with you...not off in the kitchen with Mel, who made funny noises and made me laugh.

I didn't mean to fall for him. He just kept giving me drinks.

And I can't believe you would wave your sleazy robusto bean whore in my face. How did you meet someone like that anyway? Were you out SHOPPING? You've had her the whole time haven't you! I feel so hurt.

I don't know, maybe I am being over emotional. Mel has kept me awake (if you know what I mean)

Satan said...

Around a little more, AROUND A LITTLE MORE, is that the thanks I get for slaving my fingers to the bone. Oh, Ohhhhh, it's just like you to fall for the first suave hot Italian that you find loitering in some flea market or garage sale. AND, as for my robust flavoured young thing, I've never even met her. I saw her on the Internet, thought she was very pretty, and showed you her picture to make you jealous. BUT the truth is out now isn't it. I bet you that this Mel character is still lying on one of your kitchen benches all hot and steamy.


Diana Crabtree said...

Well it worked. I am jealous, and it hurts. Is that how you operate? You play games to inflict pain?

I work hard for days at a time and when I come home I am tired. Maybe she is what you really want. Maybe you like her because she is perc-ier than me. Maybe you want someone who is just waiting for you in the kitchen, ready to give you coffee every morning.

I can't be that for you. I just can't, I'm not a machine!

Satan said...

And, who's waiting in your kitchen hey. I don't like these frothy answers. I like it straight. I'm not surprised I made the mistake of thinking you're a machine. I'm in shock and pain here, and you're blaming me. Have you no emotion. How do I know you're not out there being served by any number of others. I bet, while you're working, you're even passing around your black bevy to other girls. Pimping the high. I don't know what to think anymore.

Gawd, I need a coffee.

Diana Crabtree said...

Satan you are wrong. I do introduce women and men to a cup of Joe (when they ask) but as for Mel, since he has been with me it has only been with me (and only a few times)

I know Mel has a past. He may have been steamy with many people, women AND men. But I don't care, he makes me happy now, so I just think the past is the past.

You are right though. I am the one in the wrong. It hasn't just been Mel. I have gone to Caribou now and then (I just couldn't help myself- have you seen that machinery? It's HUGE!) And this is before Mel even. And a few times at the Airport too.

I'm sorry. I am in the wrong and I realize it now. All I want is your happiness. Please go and find some wonderful coffee. I hope it makes you happy and helps you feel able to do the work you need to do.

Satan said...

*sob* I knew it, I knew it, I never want this bitter taste again. Where did we go so wrong. *sob*

Diana Crabtree said...

I know, its just so hard with you there and me here.

Now that we are being at least thought about it didn't you? You saw some hot curvy coffee pot in a waiter's hand and got tempted. Everybody feels that way now and then.

Satan said...

*Dry's eye and nods*

We have it at work... It's just sitting there outside my office anytime I want it. The delicate smell wafts past me all day, I resist and I resist, but I'm only human.

Diana Crabtree said...

So you've done it too. ouch.

I don't know what to say. I guess it makes me feel a little comfort to know that you don't have an exclusive coffeemaker, it's just "a little something at the office" but it still burns.

Can we work things out? I want to but I don't think I can give Mel up.

Satan said...

I think I can share sweety. Mel will only enhance our relationship. I'm sure he'll keep you up late at night but I'll reap the benefit.

I have to go to a meeting now, and have some coffee.

Take care

Diana Crabtree said...

Have a good meeting. Don't let those Americans push you around. They may have the money, but YOU have the art.