Saturday, June 11, 2005

I Lost My Virginity (I have pictures to prove it!)

Tonight was the night. I did it for the very first time.

firsttimeI ate sushi :)

28 years old and never ate sushi, who could imagine? It's becuase I don't much like fish, so the idea of eating it raw did not sound appetizing. Tonight I ate a dynamite tuna roll and a salmon roll of some sort. That was bravery enough for me. I ate some delicious vegetarian dishes for the rest.

I also enjoyed a light plum wine. I enjoyed it on the same day that I just doubled my medication. The wine was sweet and I was affected by it halfway through the glass! I am still lightly buzzed.

It's been a great day. I got to my appointment on time, found an espresso maker at a thrift shop, hung out with my sister AND one of my best friends at the same time (weird for me, I act differently with each of them) but best of all...Hosna came today! My sweet little sponsor child's introduction packet showed up! She is so cute! She has the cutest little furrowed brow. And I love her cute bald head (if I am correct- they shave children's hair, expecting that it will grow back thicker) I have already written and mailed my first letter to her. YAY!

mood: brave


SpiderSolitaire said...

AW, that cute, lucky lil girl!
I love sushi. Ever since I learned to mix the soy sauce & the wasabi (sp) I can't get enough. I love it! Come here & I'll take ya out...
Glad it was such a good day, glad meds are perkin ya up!

Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks! YUM. I am sorry to say the drugs haven't perked me up yet, just Hosna has ;)

But it is a natural antidepressant to know that in a week or so the anxiety and depression will be much weaker.

Interesting BTW...the doctor thinks I show a bit of "mood instability" (read: in the same family as bi-polar) so we seem to have more and more in common every day! He might try an anti-seziure medicine for it ! :O

Satan said...

You did WHAT with Sushi... oh, ate it. hehe

PS. Shouldn't your Doctor see how the new meds play out before you start thinking about the next type... But, I'm no doctor.

Jay said...

I am currently avoiding sushi for the same reasons. Glad you were brave enough for both of us.

Diana Crabtree said...

You are mistaken Satan. Sushi is a kind of food, not medicine, but an understandable mistake, considering you arent a doctor.

Kidding. I have been on high doses of antidepressants and not been depressed, but still not been able to study or accomplish much which inevitably meant I got overwhelmed and depressed again. This is not about will power- Ive tried. It is absolutely a chemical thing...I had success on a benzodiazapine once to validate that point. But your right that he should see how the increased doasages work before trying the new kind. But your still wrong about sushi being a drug.

Diana Crabtree said...


You know that fresh fishy smell when you are next to a Koi pond or a lake? It tasted like that. It wasnt nausea inducing like cooked salmon (uh!) It was palatable.

If you are ever in a position that you have to go, get a vegetarian or cooked dish, and then have a bite of someone else's fish based dish (but make sure it's a roll, that way you have rice, seaweed and seasonings too)

B said...

Your post got us craving sushi, so in our father's day celebration, we went & spent more than we should have & ate at our fav sushi restaraunt.
Thanks a lot!

Diana Crabtree said...

My plan all along spidey MWA HA HA HA HA!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your "stewardess" photo, what a classic!


Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks Richard!

That is a picture of me and a passenger named Myrna. The picture was taken after I told Myrna that brooches were unfashionable and would NEVER be trendy again ;)

Satan said...

Sushi is a drug if you make it right. Instead of rice use tabs of acid.

PS. I think you did Myrna a favour. Brooches should only be worn by the over sixties. That's why I wear hundreds, but they're pinned to my skin so it's kinda fashionable.