Monday, June 06, 2005


I met a nice man today...he lives in Richmond.

With the exception of the self-sabotauging long distance habit I am yet to solve, I know something has changed in my relating with men since beginning therapy. This man was/is, in my opinion, out of my league. Even so I didn't do my normal thing of searching for, and focusing on his negative qualites and being chilly (rejecting them before they reject you.)

I also took his compliments seriously. Usually I find a way to turn compliments in my head into 1. Kissing up 2. Off base or 3. Evidence of a fatal flaw (he likes that about me because he is lacking in it and wants to tap my life force and drain me [extreme, but a common and genuine emotion for me!]) One reason I was willing to accept his compliments was he complimented meaningful things. He also made lots of compliments about my looks which I didn't take very seriously...but I thouroughly enjoyed them. ;)

He is a middle-class guy and I didn't automatically assume and mentally accuse him of being a shallow, privledged, dope (also because he didn't behave as one)

He got me! He understood what the hell I was talking about (a start) and based on his compliments, I think he could see my strengths.

Ooh, and he is yummy to look at ;)

My hopes aren't high, I am not excited. I am certian he will call but I have been "certain" about many people. I am not going to make anything happen. I am, however, still open enough to let something happen. He was a cool guy.

(Thanks to the 3 nice men and 1 nice demon who have visited and commented on my site- a girl can't stereotype men when she keeps being confronted with exceptions to the incorrect sexist categories she has created)

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Anonymous said...

You are can't stereotype men anymore than men can women. I'm thrilled to hear the excitement in your voice...the thrill of anticipation...but you are wrong about him being "out of your league." No one is "out of your league." I will be thinking about you and hoping for some genuine happiness and joy from this for you.


Satan said...

What? We're not allowed to stereotype Women anymore. I bet you're a blonde, aren't you Richard!

Good to hear Ms Crabtree.

SpiderSolitaire said...

We can only stereotype men on things that we know are 100% true, like, they will never be as smart, or strong, or anything in comparison to a woman.
However, I think demon stereotyping is acceptable...
I hope he calls. If he doesn't, I WILL KILL HIM!
He sounds genuine, I trust your instincts. So, I hope he's as good as we are all hoping he is.

OG said...

*pumps fists till the hurt*
meeting good men is a very good thing =)
he most definitely is not too good for u so lose that thot at once.
and i hope he calls, compliments and all.
have fun babes, have fun.