Thursday, July 05, 2007

What makes men fall in love

I just read the article What makes men fall in love and you know what, I think it's very possible that Saaed could be on his way there with me. I think I got really freaked out, because he wasn't the converstionalist I would want, and yet he would still have the ability to hurt me if he cheated or treated me wrong, and I freaked out.

I am not saying it was meant to be between us, just that if I had not gotten jealous and suspicious, I think it's possible he was falling for me. It's all for the best I guess. :(

(Now I am feeling like I miss him, but I have only started missing him when I started reading this article)

Oh speaking of men...Yesterday my 50 year old captain touched my face in front of the First officer and said "Isn't she pretty? Look at her eyes" I thought he meant it in a cute little niece way, but now I am thinking differently. Then, this morning the Gate Agent gave me his number, and then, on that same flight, a passenger wrote a poem that he said I inspired him to write! Geez, I guess a week of weight watchers is doing me good!

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