Monday, July 30, 2007

Night and Day

I was absolutely right yesterday, I wasn't depressed, I was tired as hell. Today I feel like a new human being, or should I say, like a human being, period. It's like the world is clear, where yesterday everything was in a fog. I feel glad.

Also, something worth noting, I am losing weight like crazy. Not like crazy, but noticibly. I am down 5-7 pounds now, and oddly enough, my appetite is gone. I am not condoning this, but yesterday I ate a mini-bag of popcorn and two bowls of high fiber hot cereal with butter and sugar in it. I am not saying I am pleased that I ate so little, but that I am shocked that my appetite would allow me to eat so little- if I just start eating healthier foods, like lots of vegetables, I can lose a lot and be taking great care of myself in the process.

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