Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Letter I plan to send to my Psychiatrist

Dr G,

Your behavior over the phone on July 3rd was rude and it was dangerous. You made an error, and had you listened to what I was saying you would have realized this. I write this letter so I may point out your error, and encourage you to be more careful when speaking with your patients.

Two weeks ago you told me to call you in two weeks. All I did was follow your instructions, I cut my dose in half, and I called you in two weeks. When I called I EXPECTED to make an appointment, that however could not happen, because the first thing that came out of your mouth was “I know your trying to save money but…” and then you repeatedly accused me of trying to receive free services from you, when it’s YOU who chooses not to have a receptionist, so I had no choice but to call you.

Fortunately all I have suffered is anxiety that I have no psychiatrist monitoring me during the frightening time of tapering off my anxiety medication. However, two years ago, such an event would send me rocking in a corner, paralyzed, and likely set off a depression. Five years ago, to be mistreated by a mental health professional, a literal lifeline, likely would have triggered me to harm myself.

As a mental health professional you have a responsibility to keep an even keel, to pay close attention to what you say and what you have instructed, and to listen before assuming things. All people deserve to be treated with respect, but patients who have mental health challenges are especially vulnerable. I am grateful that I was the recipient of your wrath, instead of a more fragile patient.

Please send me an itemized invoice of every appointment and payment I made in 2006, along with a check for any credit to my account.


Diana Crabtree

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