Monday, July 16, 2007

I got an STD

In the last week I have been looking at porn, and now I have a computer virus. I got what I deserved.

Really, porn is not a good thing for me to look at. In fact, I think sneeking looks at my dad's porn as an adolecent is part of why I am so screwed up when it comes to men. The porn actresses do not act like normal women, and the porn actors are the grossest of gross when it comes to men. If this is how I learned about sex no wonder I have such problems with my sexuality, and that doesn't bide well for this generation that is raised being able to look at porn on the computer easily while both parents are at work at their second jobs.

One thing I enjoyed in my little adventure in porn was observing porn from different cultures. Two series I thought were very entertaining came from eastern Europe, where the women seemed to enjoy their sexual escapades, it seemed very fun and playful, if I am not mistaken I think that is how sex is supposed to be. Indian porn had guys wearing scarves around their faces. And the weirdest was from Japan, where the women made very high pitched sounds, and instead of being sounds of pleasure, they were sounds of pain. This was even during cunilingus! Ouch! How painful!

The worst of the worst was the american porn. How unbelievably hateful it is. I am convinced that this has to do with our puritan Christian culture. We have been taught that sex is bad and so the dynamic seems to be repeatedly to punish the women for having sex. I am yet to see middle-eastern porn, but I imagine it is as bad or worse.

So I think that the verdict is I should marry a European. Sounds good to me, but I don't think they can remain faithful to save their lives. At least I can have something on the side too. Pierre, Sven, Antonio, call me!

[DISCLAIMER: The subject of this post is not an invitation for sexually themed e-mails]

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