Monday, July 16, 2007

Speaking of Europe...

It is all about England for me right now. I have been listening to Roll Deep alot, & I just bought Lily Allen and Cornershop CD's. I just love Dizzy Rascal and the Streets. Yet I was THERE, and I went to no clubs, nothing.

The saddest part of it is I had met a person who is into hip-hop (the guy who proposed marriage to me and told me he loved me because I let him be inappropriate with me at the train station) He totally could have showed me the scene! I feel like the stupidest jerk, what did I do instead? Look at tower bridge. I can look at tower bridge when I'm 50, nows the time for grime.

I could go back, but my friend out there is a little unstable. He's cute, but a little intense, besides, he doesn't live in London anymore.

Foolish Diana!

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