Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is it a bad thing if your psychiatrist is a senile lunatic?

So I was maybe going to stop the Risperdal today, waiting on a call from my Psychiatrist. He told me to call after 2 weeks. So I did.

First thing out of his mouth was that "I know you are trying to stretch your money out but..." and then just goes off on me about how he can't be giving out these free services, and then I mentioned he told me to call back and I did, he did not listen, he just kept going on and on about how I was trying to get free services and that I owed him money for what he has given me. It got to the point that I had to cut him off and say "a da da da da...okay...I got it." and nearly hang up on him. Two weeks ago when I told him I was lactating, he laughed. I mean he laughed like it was really funny to him.

What a fool this guy is! He is a PSYCHIATRIST, he is dealing with MENTAL PATIENTS, and this is the level of calmness and sensitivity he can muster. I just imagine myself as a younger, vulnerable person, and I can see myself rolling into a ball, feeling completely alone. I am close to tears, and really am not pleased to have this happen when I am going through the upsetting experience of having to reduce my medication. He is "semi retired" and I think he should retire completely.

And I cant even get myself to do my laundry. This is just fantastic.

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