Sunday, July 08, 2007

Connecting to another dimension

I just remembered my dream last night. I was going to get to talk to my mom. There was some trans-dimension connection that I had been connected with, and everyone was very excited for me. My whole family was saying "come quick! We have a connection! She is calling for you (the code was my middle name, of a famous Indian woman.)

I remember the run up to talking to her, but not the conversation. I think if the conversation took place I would remember it.

I do remember my childhood friend Ria was visiting me, it was at the house I lived in after my mom died. I tried to straigten her hair, but it looked burnt and sticky from the hairspray.

God I love remembering my dreams. Its like going on a vacation to another planet. In dreams anything can and does happen, and us, with our normal lives, get to experience completely bizarre things.

Too bad the stories of dreams dont translate the way vacation memories do.

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