Monday, July 02, 2007

How did you get here? Why do you read this?

Did you get here by searching for "threesome", "sex", or "lactation" hoping to find something juicy to masturbate to? If so, your in the wrong place.

Until now I have posted about my sex life. I wrote about it because I thought it was funny, it helped me explore my sexuality (it is my diary after all,) and I think sexual dynamics in our diverse culture is very interesting, especially to women who have experienced the same embarrassments, or to help men to understand the minds of women.

But for me to think that I could write about sex in the descriptive way I did and not have it be read as pornography, was naive at best. If a woman walks down the street in a tight red dress because she think she looks pretty she will likely hear an unwelcome comment. By allowing her form to be seen she has to know those comments might come along. It's not fair, but its reality.

The majority of Feminists are not man-haters, but a percentage of them are. There is a reason for that. A Feminist recognizes her worth, and what she deserves, and once you recognize these things, you recognize when things are not fair. There is a strong Christian and Islamic influence in this world, America included, and these influences contribute to keeping women in their place. If the woman stays chaste her choices and chance for sexual pleasure are restricted, if she claims her sexuality as her own she is treated disrespectfully. The reason why some Feminists are man haters is because they fully recognize the hatred that they are treated with by men.

It really is a shame that I am not writing about myself as a sexual person anymore. Why? Because I think the men of the world should get it in their fucking heads that if a woman is an openly sexual person, it is NOT BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO PLEASE RANDOM MEN! It is because she wants to please herself! What a concept! The exception to this rule is sex workers, who want to please random men because it brings them economic gain, and women who have been abused (alot of them out there) and will exchange sex for love.

I think men should all just fuck eachother, and women should all just own vibrators (vibrators last long enough and are talented enough to give women orgasms.) Science is leading to us being able to have children without you men, so we will be rid of you soon enough, just you wait.

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