Monday, April 14, 2008

Linda has been such a crab lately

I just had an annoying experience with Linda. We have an optional run club meeting at 6:30. Well at 6 I sent her a message on myspace (she was online) saying "do you still want to go?" about a minute later she sent me an e-mail saying "do you want to go?"

My charger was in my car, and my phone was off because of the battery, so I was glad to catch her online. I wrote back immediately and said "wow I just sent you the same message on myspace, hahahahahah" No response

At 6:08 I wrote "why dont we meet there" no response

At 6:17 I wrote "please write back so I know what you are planning" no response

I just decided to meet there, in case she read the e-mail and went straight there. I got ready and went to my car, and turned on the phone. I didn't listen to my messages because I wanted to save the battery for coordinating with her. When I called i noticed the signal in my fucking car was smoking! Something is screwed up about my windshield wipers, but I am too lazy/untrusting to have them fixed. So I was about to tell her that I was coming, but when I saw the smoke I started paniking and said I was going home. She said "thats fine" I hung up so I could turn to go home. It was rush hour traffic and I couldnt turn so I decided to go the extra 6 blocks to the run club and deal with it later (I feel too anxious now anyway) I called her and she said she isn't going.

When I got home I plugged in the phone and heard her messages. The first said she wanted to go, the second said "if you dont call me in 10 minutes I'm not going." I accept that it is my fault that my phone was shut off, but why did she e-mail me, and then not check to see if I e-mailed back. I mean, I e-mailed IMMEDIATELY after she sent hers. It almost feels like she subconciously wanted to not go, so she made it seem like it was my fault. So annoying.

This isn't the first time she has been this way. Last week she acted SO WEIRD. She had goodwill stuff, and it's always fun to dig through goodwill stuff. She has let me before, and I have let her before. So I said "fun! I want to look in there" and she was REALLY resistant. It was bizarre! I think it maybe because she was donating some things that I had given her from Mexico in High School.

I think the reason she gets this way with me is she married a dude with ADD. I like him, don't get me wrong, but he can be rude (or impulsive, if you prefer.) I feel like she is impatient with me, thinking I am just like her husband. Or, she has so much tension about her husband, that she holds it in and takes it out on me.

I sent her a text message taking full responsibility (not even mentioning the odd sending of an e-mail and not checking for a response) and she is yet to text me back. Oh well. I know this will blow over, but I hate that she is like this. She hates her job, she is in debt from her wedding, and she says her inhaler that she uses before running makes her agitated. Grrrrrr.

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