Friday, April 25, 2008

I called the health department on my company!!

Uh! You wont believe what I just did! I just called the health department against my company (or the airport.) I am in a southern hub, and a toilet is backed up, and a sign says "toilet is out of order, AGAIN." The bathroom smelled like an outhouse, and it was so bad that when I was trying to wash my hands, I heaved 3 times really strong, and if I had stayed longer I would have thrown up. The last time I gagged like that in a bathroom was in a pit latrine by a hospital in Uganda. I can't believe the employees at an airport are supposed to survive something like that. It is an hour later and I am still sort of nauseous!

It seems stupid to make this a race issue, maybe I should say I think it could be a class issue. Middle class people wouldnt be put in those conditions, and maybe middle class people would know that it is illegal (right?) and know that there is an authority above the managers. In addition, maybe middle class people arent as used to being treated like shit, and when you are abused regularly, you just learn to cope, and save your energy/pick your battles.

One thing is, maybe there are other channels I could go through, like the company, but I don't think it could get that bad without people having already complained to management. I just "can't stomach" being in the city of my airline's headquarters, where the CEO's mansion is, and knowing the employees go through that. And I am not talking about Pilots and Flight Attendants by the way. We spend most of our time upstairs. I am concerned about the rampers, who might have a split second between flights to use the restroom, and not have time to go upstairs.

Predjudice as this might sound, there might be a "southern work ethic" going on here. My e-mail address is in my profile, so you can correct me if you think I am being unfair. For international readers, the North and the South have some cultural differences (there are plenty of regional cultural differences in our large country) and we sort of turn our noses up at each-other. The north, of course, is better, but of course, also, I am from the north, so I do think that. I have to get to my next flight so I cant get too deep into it.

All I can say is I am glad I called. Yes, I am sticking my nose in another city's business, but maybe someone needs to.

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