Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I saw my "friend" I don't like- AGAIN!!!

I happened to be in a completely diffrent hub in the crew lounge, and who should walk in? Girl I dont like! EH!

She just makes me feel so awkward. Basically I can tell she is depressed or false (or both) she pretends to laugh at jokes which is really off-putting, and she pours on the compliments. She kept commenting on my hair, and today it was greasy and disgusting. People complimenting you about something you feel self-concious about is really off-putting.

She had said something about men, and I said "mmm, I am not going to date anymore, I am going to make music instead" instead of saying the normal thing "good plan" or laughing at me, she said something like "there is meaning in that" or some shit. And I said "yeah, meaning I dont want to date anymore, instead I want to fill my time with being creative" And this twat calls herself a "life coach."

Thats the thing that gets to me. This bitch NEEDS a life coach- OH! OH! there is more! I had a people magazine with JLo in it, and I was making fun of JLo's conspicuous consumption, and she defended it! I guess her spiritual path thinks mink wraps for babies is a great thing! (real folks, read it)

So, I decided to leave a little early, because I just wanted to get away, and she decided to come with! I told her my gate and she said she likes a bathroom around there. I was like "yeah, I like ones out of the way too" -best answer I could come up with. So I am walking and she wants to show me the place she hangs out or something. So I just want to stay at the top, and let her point to it, but she goes on down the escalator. So I'm like "eh, bye I guess" and she says "come down" and I'm trying to explain that I want to get to the gate, and she is asking about my times and saying I have time or something. So I come down the stupid escalator, and I'm like "eh, great bathroom...I guess" and she's like "I thought you needed to use the bathroom." Yeah, really weird.

So this woman creeps me out. I wish I never got buddy buddy with her, but on the surface she seems like a earthy-spiritual type. But get closer you realize she is a nutjob. And now she has my e-mail address. Ew. If I didn't work with her she would be cut out so fast. I felt icky.

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