Sunday, April 06, 2008

I was pregnant

Last night, in my dream, until I woke up, I was pregnant.

It was exciting, but naturally it was scary. The father was a band member who was not my boyfriend, but was a very sweet guy who I was probably in the early stages of seeing. I had planned to tell him at six months for some reason.

Wow. That dream was intense. A little life was growing in my body. I was not as excited as I imagine I would be if I got pregnant (by accident) because reality was setting in, I couldnt work the hours I was working, and where would I live?

In my dream my family already knew I was pregnant, because I was in the background of a home video, rubbing my belly lovingly. Ha ha

WOW! that dream was INTENSE! I was relieved to wake up with a round, but empty belly.

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