Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love it when I screw up!

Isn't it great when you think you have to be ready at a certian time, then you realize you had the time wrong, and you get a free hour? That happened to me today, and fortunately I figured it out now that I am awake with coffee in me, instead of when I was in bed, with control over the snooze button.

It's been quite a week. As you know I got a cold and took work off. Well during that time, Mitch sent me flowers and had been texting me and calling me every day since our encounter. He was saying he had feelings for me. I will be honest, I have feelings for him too, but not so much that I would go through the difficulty of dating someone so much older. I felt really sad when I was on my way home from baltiomore, but then I imagined what it would be like to date or marry him, all the stares and judgement and health problems, it brought me back to reality.

Well Mitch hadn't come back to reality yet. And I felt really crowded by our constant contact. Twice, when I forgot to call him (yes we were talking about intense stuff) he guilt tripped me, the first time pissed me off, the second time I told him I need about a 3 week break (I think he needs it more than I do, to get back into reality.) Believe it or not I miss him, but I prefer my space.

During this time I adopted 29 babies- we got a fish tank! I have been OBSESSED with it. It is pretty much stabilized now, but I have done SO MUCH work on it. Juan would do more, he has a lot of aquarium experience, but he has been working on a lot of accounts, and I was not willing to wait. I couldn't relax until the aquarium was healthy for the fish. I have a lot to write about there.

Also during this time I think my neighbor and I made a truce. His ex-girlfriend says he has worked to cut down on his drinking. I do miss him I guess, well, I miss the OLD him, the weird him that was coming out later on I dont miss.

Anything else happen in this very full week? Oh yeah, Wheelchair dude. We went to a concert. He has stopped being weird, he has given me my space. We had fun, him, me, and his 24 year old gay nurse, it was a good time. We went to a concert, and the music was NOT MY STYLE, so that wasnt a good time, but the banter and hanging out was fun. I'm glad. I think having a friend so different from me would help me grow into a better person, and teach me a lot. And of course I think I have a lot to give to a disabled person as a friend, by just acting normal. I know that not everyone is able to do this.

So what a week! And now I am back to work...Speaking of, I better start getting ready, I had SOME extra time, but not that much!

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