Monday, November 26, 2007

Feeling better

I was tired, overwhelmed from an emotional day, and had my feelings badly hurt. So I felt depressed for a few hours, 3 to be exact. I took a nap, had some food, and now I am feeling better.

One thing that is making me feel good is this new guy, he is online, but he isn't contacting me. I let him know that I need adequate space, and he is giving it to me. That puts me at ease.

So let me tell you a little bit about him. He was born in the south of Germany, he is now in business school, and is obviously very smart. Him and I have a lot in common, a high regard for sex, analytical minds, and it turns out, a sob story.

Here's the thing. He is remarkable, exceptional really, and he has what seems like everything I am seeking in a man. Not perfect, but it would be unrealistic to seek perfection, I would say it would be unrealistic to seek as much as I am getting.

So heres what I dont like. His teeth are yellow. Well, whitestrips can fix that. He had cheesy smelling smegma today. Well, I wont go down on him after he took a red eye from California. But there is one thing that worries me. He has had a hard life, and he seems to have a heavy heart. He lost family in Iraq, served in Iraq, was abandoned as a child, and after all of that is surviving remarkably well. But he does have some PTSD, and he only sleeps 2-3 hours a day he says. I think that it makes sense that he may not be the most cheerful person, but I hope I am not getting myself in trouble. Yeah, he's also 23. A mistake maybe? I dont know.

Okay, I am going to stop writing about him, I am writing to him now.

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