Monday, November 26, 2007

I feel so hurt

My feelings are terribly hurt still. So bad that I want to cuddle under the sheets in the fetal position. He should have defended me, I understand why he didn't but I am just so hurt.

Also, this boy that I met. I really need to write more about him, but I am going to write this before I curl into my fetal position. He came over, we werent planning to have sex so neithier of us showered, and he is uncut, and tasted like cheese. It was a turn-off and although I will be able to tell him in a funny and non-offensive way, that doesnt change the fact that I felt/feel sort of grossed out by it. It was a damper on an otherwise pretty good day.

...a good day until the mean names of course

okay, into the fetal position now...

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