Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My normal life

I am in the crew lounge right now at our southern base. When we walked into the tunnels there were one inch cockroaches laying all over the place, I saw 3, and I didn’t have to look hard.

Life has been fine. My room is a disaster, but my life is okay. I put an ad on Craig list (for male friends- not dating) and I have been doing a little corresponding that way. I think a friends only ad is a great way to get to know someone then let it develop naturally. In my experience, going on a dating site is like “so- are we going to fall in love or what?” and I am not saying it’s just the men who do it. I am just as guilty.

I have bid for my Bangladesh trip. It will be in late July, early August. I am hopeful that Emma will not be tired of S asia and broke by then.

Serious things have happened though. My friend Joseph, the one who helps me in sponsoring Hufiz in Uganda, well he went to the bank, took out 4,000 dollars, and took a public bus to get back home. He got chloroformed and was in the hospital. I am so mad at him. Why would he carry $4,000 on a bus? In Uganda? Is he too innocent or what? I can't get much information from him, he also recently told me he's engaged. i am suspicious (and very protective) I pray that the money wasnt from the money for the well from Jennifer's church!

Kelsey is in touch with me, I think she doesnt have a lot of friends, maybe because she is not from this state, and maybe she intimidates people because she looks like a supermodel. (and she is flaky, no doubt) Thats cool, we had fun, and she was the muse that inspired the resurgence of caring about my looks.

So thats my life. I am spending my thanksgiving in Boston, which is cool. Someone else can have it off for a change.


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