Thursday, November 15, 2007

May I have permission to sleep with a married man?

I am drunk. So drunk I almost wrote frunk. Can I sleep with my captian? PLEEEEZ? He's a whore. so sleeping with me would make no difference. I am really drunk. I am really horny. Please let me have no morals. I have morals, thats the problem.

You know what? What will I do if he taps on the window and says "hey, are y ou coming to the pool?" I said I would go, but I wont unless he taps on the window of the computer lounge. I wish I was not deleting all the mistakes I am making typing.

I hate not having a boyfriend. I WANT SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX

It is no fair. I want a boyfriend with out the work of getting a boyfriend. Maybe my boyfriend should be 64 year old man. He was good in bed. All I wnat intheis workld is sex, is that so bad? and good secx. I am sickl pf undoing my typos./

sex- foog. not having sex- bnad.

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