Monday, November 26, 2007

Low Moral Standards

I was going to write about meeting a new guy. It was imperfect, but good in many ways, but I have to write about what just happend.

I put an ad on craigslist for friends, which could become more. One of the guys who responded was a guy in an open marriage. I had respect for the relationship's honesty so I was open to flirting with him.

I now met someone who might have potential, so I wrote to this guy and said "if you want to make out with me, we will have to do it this weekend, because I met someone." So we made plans to get together.

I thought, because I'm, you know, NORMAL, that we should have some wine or beer or something, I brought rum because that was all I had. My intention was to make out, but we had sex, (sortof) he only had a semi the whole time. It was fun, we laughed, and he had a tremendous crush on me for some reason.

So I chech my e-mail today and see this:

Hi there. My wife and I chatted tonight and we agreed that what happened between you and I yesterday night was too much too soon. My wife was not very happy that you brought the alcohol over. She was also very unhappy that you did not wish to speak to her on the phone or meet her when she got home. It led her to believe that you have low moral standards. She would prefer that I do not hang out with you, friends or otherwise. The trust my wife had in you to do well by us as a couple has been irreparably broken. Therefore I cannot communicate with you anymore in any form. I will be removing you from Facebook and MySpace. All the best to you.

What the hell? This woman is a mindfucker. She gets to not only have sex with a woman, she has a GIRLFRIEND, and he is supposed to just know about it, but be faithful to her. This isnt the first time that she has gotten jealous, they had a threesome and it screwed her up too. Shame on her for mindfucking this guy, and blaming ME because she is jealous, and shame on him for having no backbone. He should have defended me, but of course he wouldn't, because he has to live with her, and if he has already survived her having a girlfriend, she obviously has him eating out of her hand.

If she got jealous and changed her mind, that is perfectly okay. But to blame me because she got jealous is SO MEAN. My feelings are hurt, even though I know what she said about me is not true. This is the e-mail I sent:

Dear P and Wife,

I am happy to respect your mutual choice to not have contact with me, but the "low moral standards" comment is completely out of line.

I am a good, caring, and respectful person. I didn't force or manipulate P into anything. Alcohol is a normal "social lubricant" and if he didn't want to drink I wouldn't have cared.

Maybe the two of you have regrets about P having sex with another woman, but to say I have low moral standards is cruel, unfair, and JUST PLAIN WRONG!

You two don't seem like nice people anymore, to me, THAT is low moral standards


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