Friday, November 30, 2007

I Sort of Want To Jump Off a Bridge Right Now

Nov 30, 2007

Current mood:uncomfortable

Early this month I got a bad cold, which put me out for 2 days, and made me miserable for over a week, and now, I have the sore throat of all sore throats.

It started Monday, with a little mild irritation, then Tuesday it hurt, Wednesday it hurt to eat, and then yesterday I went to sleep at 4PM. Today I woke up unable to eat solid food. Even a banana hurt too much.

I went home early today and got an appointment with a nice doctor, they did a quick test for strep, and it came back negative. That doesn't mean I don't have strep, it means they have to do a longer culture. They even tested for mono! I don't want mono, I have a hard enough time juggling everything to add tiredness to it. The really bad news about the rapid strep test coming back negative is she didn't give me antibiotics today, which means tomorrow will be worse- how much worse can it get?

What pisses me off about this is I take 5+ vitamins a day. I do my best to eat enough vegetables, though they are hard to come by at the airport, and I wash my hands with those little towelettes probably 7 times a flight! So what gives? I confess I don't get as much sleep as I should, but I take pretty good care of myself, is a little lack of sleep a reason to get sick TWICE in one month?

I usually like to turn things like this around and say "Being sick makes you value being healthy" but I am not in the mood to have a good attitude right now. I would rather wallow, and feel like a victim, because my sore throat and lack of food intake are making me crabby :(

Please send Ice Cream

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