Thursday, November 15, 2007

"The Morning After"

He did tap on the window. And I went.

But everything was fine. Basically, all he would have had to do is make a move, and I was vulnerable, but his game was weak. He said "I have a jet that massages my feet, it feels really good" But I had one too, so that trick to bring me closer didn't work. We talked about arranged marriages. He had one, which is weird, he is basically American, and his wife is Canadian. How weird is it for an American and a Canadian to live under Indian cultural rules! It was a good conversation. Nothing happened, which I am glad about to. I am sure I have slept with a married man before, but it was never intentionally.

I slept great. I had the funnest dream. I was taking a 2 week trip on a small boat. (Which of course was huge on the inside, because thats how dreams work.) In the dream there were men from every country. There were even Gypsies (which you had to watch out for) Many, many of these sailors preferred chubby women, and I was a big slut. (Not slutty for a dream, but slutty for real life) about half the time I was Mia tyler.

Beyonce was in the dream. Someone loading our stuff onto the boat knocked over my purse, and my phone went in the bay, so they gave me Beyonce's phone. One of the videos oh her phone was of her discovering an alien in the shower. Her and I squabbled a bit, but decided to try to get along.

It was a good night, which is good, because I forgot to refill my anti-depressant, and so I have been without for 2 days. 2 nights ago I had awful nightmares, so today I am glad to have had such a fun dream (so fun that I want to work on a boat!)

I like being happy. It sucks that it came from poisoning my body, but my body is already poisoned, so I might as well enjoy it.

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