Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Don't carry lube in your purse

I left my purse on the plane last night. I was just too spacey in my head to remember it, fortunately, the flight attendant who took my flight found it, and turned it into my boss.

Here's the thing...there were 2 little bottles of massage oil in my purse, and they are KY brand, so people, including my boss probably think they are lube!!!

I have something to say about those KY sample packs. They make it seem like they are massage oil with a water base so if your hand touches a condom after giving a backrub, it wont break the condom, well they arent! They are massage oil packaged in the same package as lube! SO DANGEROUS! Fortunately we had no breaks, but if we had, I might have a 64 year old's baby!!! Insane

So the lessons today kids...check the back of your lube to make sure it is water-based and DONT CARRY LUBE IN YOUR PURSE!!!!

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