Thursday, November 22, 2007

What is Thanksgiving?

I was explaining on a non-american friend's blog what Thanksgiving is, then I realized people around the world might see thanksgiving on their sattelite, and decide to google "What is thanksgiving?" to find out. I will copy what I put on my friends blog:

Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrating "thanks." We "give thanks" by sacrificing a turkey. We then put the turkey in a heated ceremonial box for 4-5 hours.

While the turkey is in the ceremonial heated box, usually the senior female in the household begins the potato mashing ceremony. In this ceremony she skins the potatoes, boils them, adds calf's food & a fatty substance, and mashes it all repeatedly, until it is a creamy texture.

The turkey & potato ceremonies are usually done by the females of the family. The males usually are huddled in a "den" around a box. In the box are images of men with round heads, running with a brown lemon-shaped object. The males can be heard chanting in unison "OOOOOOH!" and "YAAAAAAAAY"

When the turkey is removed from the ceremonial heated box, the males and females gather around an elevated flat panel, and eat the ceremonial items off of slabs of porcelain.

When the ceremony is over, it is customary to unbutton the top button of the pants, and to find a soft surface and sleep.

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