Friday, July 01, 2005

I heart huckabees

I enjoyed it, and the frame of mind it put me in.

I understood it, but shallowly, but thats alright. I know I could get everything if I watched it twice more, and if I took a philosopy survey course I am sure I could understand subtle jokes and references that I missed, but thats alright. I don't need to understand and grasp each and every element of each and every object and event that I run across. I can understand it at the level I am at, then revisit it again later if I want. Or, I can be inspired to read a philosopy book. Or both. One way or another I don't have to grasp and cling to and control every thing. I can enjoy the process of learning about things that intrest me- I don't have to feel shame for not knowing everything without even trying.

What a perfect film for me to see right now :) It touches on so much I am thinking about. The therapy and medication is great- but once my mental illness is contained I still have to deal with life and the questions that everyone has to deal with. Overcoming the mental illness is important, but only because it is a hurdle in me meeting my potential (by, for instance, telling me I have to understand everything all at once- forcing me to avoid stimulating things)

Please watch it K? I love it.

mood: philisophical-ee


Diana Crabtree said...

and watching the commentary helps- alot.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...


carrie said...

i've seen it and i loved it, too

RuKsaK said...

Been meaning to see it and now I will for sure.