Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A shitty situation I had on my hands today

I am TERRIFIED of the bird flu, TERRIFIED. I am certian I am going to catch it and it will make my already difficult to manage life harder. I work on the plane, so I would be one of the first in the US to catch it if it spread like they are saying it might.

So today, my classy, classy airline, had no water in the bathroom for people to wash their hands. THEN, we didn't have anti-bacterial wipes to wash our hands either! NO WAY TO WASH YOUR HANDS! I was so humiliated making that announcement, I made sure to follow it immediately with the phone number and e-mail of the company.

I really didn't think that the job could get any worse, but now that the company that provides us with ramp, commissary, lav & galley water is bankrupt, it is as if we are bankrupt too. In fact, it's fair to assume that the bankrupt company servicing us is taking care of thier own planes first, and they were already staffed beyond their limits, so our airline runs less smoothly, and it never ran smoothly in the first place.

I need to buy a condo and go back to school.

mood: not bad, eating junk

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