Monday, November 28, 2005



I have just accomplished something, so, unlike the way I would react before I began therapy, I am congratulating myself, (trying to) instead of focusing on what I need to do next.

I have a box full of papers to be filed, that has things at least 2 years old in it. I have sorted it into six categories, it felt like torture, but I have gotten that box sorted, and I need to feel a sense of accomplishment.

So do it Diana...Uh! Good Job! Yay! (not feeling sincere) Hmm. Guess I should work on that.

mood: not bad, but I should feel good.


Rachel said...

Good for you! I have the same problem...I just can't get past the fact that I would have to give up a perfectly good saturday filing things from three years ago instead of lounging on my couch..If you look up "procastinator" in the dictionary you'll see my picture! Good Job Diana!

Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks Rachel!

It's weird, I just looked in the dictionary and the photo under "procrastinator" looked just like me...maybe we are twins! Ha ha