Saturday, September 01, 2007

Today was not real...I think ist was all a movie!

So you read my post about wanting to be a housewife, and considering getting back with Charles, in order to have that. Well, I got an e-mail from Charles this morning, with his "good news" he took a year long position in Kenya!

To add to it, I learned today that Carrie is pregnant, and Jane is pregnant with twins! WHAT? This isn't real, it's a movie! I took it well, but wasn't as excited as I should have been. I regret that, but I am glad I didn't get too depressed and grumpy.

So tonight was as much of a movie as life could be! You know that hotness guy I went on a date with, who was not attracted to me, but I hit it off with, and I tried to end the date early but he kept extending it out? He was at the bar I went to with Kelsey (did I mention she looks like a model, and was wearing a teensy dress?) anyway I said hi to him and felt awkward for awhile. But then we went dancing...

Oh god, I cant write anymore. Its almost 5 am. Can I just tell you, I danced sexy with this guy who was like a tall Adam Lavine, and when I danced with someone else, I swear he was jealous. And then I sat up talking with him for like an hour, without and everyone went to bed without us noticing. (and while I think there was chemistry [he said I was pretty!] nothing would ever happen between us. I am far too insecure)

And one of the guys said I was getting a lot of positive attention at the dance club (unbenownsed to me) and did I mention there were fireman involved?

I cant write any more about this night. It was just fun, no making out, just flirting, and these people were all so cool (and smart) and I really think they liked me.

Today was NOT REAL! Nothing that happened today seemed real. It was all a movie. Yes, I DIRTY DANCED WITH AN ADAM LEVINE LOOKALIKE WHO SAID I WAS PRETTY, AND MY FRIENDS ARE PREGNANT AT THE SAME TIME! Maybe I am still asleep.

I hope to hang with them again. I liked them.

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