Saturday, September 01, 2007

A chance to reinvent myself (or more accurately, be more myself)

I can't put it into words how good it feels to have been accepted last night by Kelsey and her friends. Here's what it feels like...I genuinely liked the people I hung out with, and they seemed to like me, and it was ME they liked. I was able to be totally myself. I talked about the libertarian scale that determines where you are politically, and globalism, and I wasn't looked at like a weirdo, nor were they pretentious and looking down on me for my giggles or drop-out credentials.

And, as a shallow bonus, They were all very good looking. I don't CARE that they are good looking, but having such great looking people accept me in their group felt like I was...I don't know why I liked it...I guess it made me feel good looking by-proxy. I also liked it because it makes me feel like I should be better looking. I should step up my game a little, because when you are attractive, it makes dating much more fun, because you can just accept that someone likes you, and have the confidence to flirt and be outgoing (you should see Kelsey in action, she knows her power- and she enjoys wielding it)

Last night two furloughed flight attendants were there, and after we went dancing (according to one of the guys, I was getting attention from my dancing) they wanted to hang out with me again! So I now have a chance to start building up my social life, and not with people I don't like, with people who like to dance, & who dont look at me weird when I talk about politics.

Here is my chance to be the true me. I want to be a person who works on campaigns, does volunteer work, is genuinely friendly, and likes to dance and flirt. I have been so shy about the last part, because I am insecure (& judgemental about trendy people.) But here's my chance to be brave enough to be my true self, and to challenge myself to be my best, like I did when I was in college.

And this Adam Levine look alike. Him and I had a flirtation going on! He was Hottie McHotness! My gut told me he wasn't trustworthy, but his 2 friends were, turns out they all have girlfriends but are looking for something better. Dicks. But it sure was fun flirting and dancing with all of them. I had the greatest time.

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