Friday, September 21, 2007

I have the hardest life in the world

I am too tired to go to work tomorrow. I had the wedding 2 weeks ago. Then I had only 2 days off. Then I only had 2 days off this week. And tomorrow is a 9:35 show meaning I have to leave for work at 8AM.

I know you don't feel sorry for me. But I feel sorry for myself. 2 days off is just not enough. Even when I work 3 day trips I need 3 days off (though 3 day trips are much easier than 4 day trips)

I really have no reason to feel sorry for myself. I need to just go to bed. Here's the thing. I need clean undies and socks. But I didn't wash them. So now what? I can probably find some clean undies for tomorrow, and probably socks too, but then I need to wash them on my trip.

I suppose it's not all as bad as I am making it out to be. All I have to do is pack and I can go to bed.

And you know what? I just saw an old navy commercial where a lady wearing a sweater leaned over, about to kiss a boy. That sounds nice. I am glad that I gave myself a break in the boy dating department, but I could use a boy to kiss. HEY! Ashram is back from India. He is a great kisser! He gets on my nerves, but I like kissing him and he doesn't want to have sex, so he's a good victim. I will have to get a hold of him. Yay, I am happy to have an outlet for my sexual energy.

So what was my post about? Me whining about the fact that I only got 2 days off, when people in third world countries get no days off, and if they did, they wouldn't spend them shopping like I have the last two weekends.

Poor me, I have such a hard life. But WAAAAAAH! I just want one more day off. Or to at least sleep in, then get ready at 11 AM.

So how am I dealing with this issue? Staying awake later. UH! I think I should just go to bed, then get up in the morning and pack. That is a very risky plan. It is just begging to be late for work. GOD! Can I just call in sick? WAAAAH!

UPDATE: You can sleep tonight. I found 3 pairs of clean undies, and 3 pairs of clean socks. WOO HOO I am a lucky girl!

But I am shaking. I wonder if I had enough to eat today? I had enough calories but maybe not enough food. Or maybe I am making that up as an excuse to eat more today ;)

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