Friday, September 28, 2007

My friends say I should "get over that"

I told Carrie and Jane about my feelings when I saw the pictures from the wedding. They were surprised to hear I thought I looked bad. Jane said her husband mentioned how much weight I had lost, and she thought that me in my brown swimsuit was the most svelte she had ever seen me. Both Jane and Carrie said I should "get over that." I trust these women. I imagine they are probably right.

I just found a dating site for liberals. Maybe thats what I need to do. I think I need to just accept myself. I am thinking I should get back to about 187, (I am weighing in at 192 right now, after a weekend of eating like crazy.) After I get to 187 I should just work on maintaining it for awhile, and just focus on getting enough veggies, moderate fat, and getting some excercise, for health, not weight loss.

I am in a stage of rebellion right now. I am just so sick of eating perfectly. (I have been very careful for about a year now) I just want to be "bad"- and I am going overboard. I started tonight, I had a lean cuisine entree with a large side of broccoli.

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