Friday, September 22, 2006

In a panic

This is good news- really it is- after over 5 years of not owning a car (the last few by choice) I have been approved for a car loan. But now I have to pick one! And I only have 30 days to do it! (Less now)

AAAAHHHHH! What I really want is a Corolla 2000 or newer, with about 80,000 miles for under 8,000. I actually did find one, it looks pretty good, so now I have to go snatch it up before I am too late. (It is Saturday tomorrow, I wont be able to get the cashier's check until I get back from my trip- wednesday) If the car is as good as it seems, than I bet I will lose it.

Of course I am still stressed about Tera's stuff being here STILL. I am going to take her to court, for money she owes me, which I am going to add 1/3 of september's rent, because she has left her stuff here.

And I am worried about my weight & eating habits. I have not started tracking my Weight Watchers points yet, and I have gone crazy and eaten a half gallon of ice cream. It is pretty funny when I say it, but it is also quite sad. There is no other word for that than a binge. It had a control over me, and I didn't even enjoy it that much. I think I have it under control, but I am sure I will have gained at least a pound from that.

I think the core of all this stress is from Tera. I feel no sense of closure, I have a big queen sized bed leaning against the wall in my bedroom for God's sake! What really makes me feel bad is I take pleasure in knowing she is going through as much, if not more, anxiety than I am. I don't want to dislike anyone so much that I wish them pain. She has just caused me so much pain, when I have been so damn sweet, I just feel bitter.

I am hopeful that I can relax a bit. I just got a heartrate monitor, maybe I should take up running again. I could use it, if not for stress relief, to work off all that Ice cream.

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