Sunday, September 10, 2006

I feel baaaaaaaaaad

I just met a nice man on the plane. If I wasn't with Charles I would be interested in him. I made a point to leave my computer in his eyesight so he would see Charles' picture on the screen. I told him “I have a boyfriend” but he did give me his card, and I did give him my e-mail address. Then, he invited me to have breakfast in the airport. I said “only if it is in a friendly way” which he claimed it was, but in the end I still felt bad.

We didn't have breakfast or coffee, his friend showed up early and I said it would be silly for him to buy me some coffee and leave. The captain saw me and gave me a “you devil” look. And now they just asked what I am doing right now. I told them I am (I feel so nerdy) blogging, because I feel bad that I agreed to have breakfast with someone when I have a boyfriend. They both thought it was no big deal...that makes me feel better.

I was chatting with someone about temptation the other day, and I said I don't feel tempted. But as time goes on I guess I do feel lonely with him so far, and unable to communicate much, so the temptation is increasing. Right now there is an Italian/Latin type who is making me weak on the plane (I am finishing this on the plane now :) ) so although I am not worried I will cheat, there is a big temptation to flirt, like I did with the man I met today.

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