Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I don't do "mean"

I am no good at being mean. Today I hung out with the pilots (we had a new FO) and, in response to a crack yesterday about Hillary Clinton, I started picking on the Captian about being a Republican.

I was pretty good. I made unfair cracks...you know the same kind of generalizations and misrepresentations that are put on Liberals all the time. I sort of think I might have offended him.

I did say "I am just giving you shit" (something we have done all trip) and I said "remember-you started it" and I am sure he is not in his room still thinking about it (this was hours ago) but here I am, thinking about it.

I felt yucky. I hate to imagine that I upset him. He is a very nice, fun, and sweet guy. Only now is the sort-of sick feeling going away.

I just don't do mean. If I had been fair and sensitive, you know not saying things like "well you know how Republicans don't have compassion" I would probably feel fine about it all. And I have to be careful if I apoligize, because I can't make it sound like I am apologizing for my beliefs. But I didn't want to upset him, I only wanted to jab at him in a playful way.

I'm not a wuss, just a softee.

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