Sunday, September 10, 2006

How to have an airline overnight

When arriving to hotel room, instead of turning on TV, turn on laptop
Immediately take off uniform, spray with water, and hang
Set Alarm, prepare coffee maker for morning
Take medication right away, to allow sedation effects to kick in
Instead of waiting until tired, wash face and brush teeth right away
Do 20 minutes of Yoga DVD
Instead of tossing & turning in bed, thinking about life problems, read a book until eyes are heavy
Sleep 6 or more hours
Wake up 1hr20 minutes before shuttle time
turn on coffee & laptop
drink 1st cup of coffee while pressing snooze to be sure you wake up
1 hour prior to shuttle time get up and do sun salutions for 10 minutes
take a leisurely shower
Put on some classical music
While drinking second cup of coffee, put on lotion, instead of just perfume, or nothing
Wash face and brush teeth, brush for a full 2 minutes, not just long enough to cover the surfaces
Put hair in a french twist, not just a fast ponytail
Put on makeup, unlike usually
Stroll, anxiety-free, to breakfast 15 minutes prior to shuttle time
Eat breakfast calmly and happily

I have done this twice- what a difference!

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